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We have a new home! Although we are sad to see Dearborn’s continuing plans to demolish the Mt. Olivet facility, Dearborn Assembly of God is now the owner of TWO buildings on the main thoroughfare of Michigan Ave. in downtown East Dearborn! Construction and remodeling work is underway. Housed in one of the buildings will be a permanent  dedicated space for prayer. In the meantime, 24FLOOD will be taking place at First Assembly of God in Dearborn Heights (go to www, for details)



Dearborn Assembly of God has signed a purchase agreement for TWO buildings in the heart of downtown East Dearborn on Michigan Ave! Although we haven't given up on the Prayer Tower, we need a permanent home and have been amazingly blessed by being able to purchase these two very visible and accessible buildings for less than what the Mt. Olivet building would have cost us. Stay tuned for updates!




We cannot stress enough the urgency of prayer for Dearborn: perhaps the most spiritually important community in all of America. But amidst great trials and persecutions against all who are laboring for God’s Kingdom in Dearborn, great doors of opportunity have opened.  Lou Engle and Justice Houses of Prayer, a national  24/7 prayer ministry has expressed their intention to establish 24/7 prayer in Dearborn, building on the groundwork we have contributed to! “We wrestle not against flesh

24 hour prayer vigil (Friday noon to Saturday noon)

First Fridays  of the month

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and blood, but against...spiritual forces of evil in high places” (Eph. 6:12).  Pray that miraculous resources be released!


NGA would like to raise $20,000 in pledges towards the remodeling of the new facilities. Please let us know if you can help.  Contact us at